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Dr John Cole by Joe Tillman


I would like to be able to bring this video to your attention. I find it extremely educational and informative and feel that many would benefit from taking the time to watch it.

Great informative video as always @JoeTillman.
You are the elite in being an incredible trusted source that breaks things down and educates on intricacies that many would never even know to look for.

Super impressive refined hairline work shown from Dr Cole and I believe the closing statement of “passionate about improving the industry” is a hugely important comment to consider. Dr Cole is genuinely looking out for the greater good.
Many individuals will find this very valuable, educational and enjoyable.

Its a shame that not more was mentioned regarding Dr Coles new clinic with Dr Bisanga in Athens. Continuing with his vision to improve the industry, his new clinic is a great option/opportunity for many considering an FUE procedure.

Great job Joe.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece
WhatsApp + 34 642 37 03 83


This is an impressive explanation and visual. It really shows the level of work Dr Cole does. Those angles those repairs. He at least follows lateral slit and whorl. There are docs that claim that cando that but do not end up giving the patient these two things for some reason.

Ive seen him type sympathy for my ordeal. Never knew he did FUE via manual punch. These things are critical to know and should be frequently projected. He isn’t using high speed heat causing motors or ARTAS or air suction or saline suction devices or vibrating drills, at the same time, doing key surgical aspects of surgery. These elements are important for a person to know.

Videos like this show something big.

Does Dr Cole do pro bono work and fix work of top docs to show how his methods can successfully repair vs other repair docs in the industry?

He certainly adds some level of hope here and truly Joe Tillman did a great job showing in detail what Dr Cole is capable of.


Raphael, is he currently performing surgery in Greece?

Does he skype?




How are you? Thanks for your comments.

Dr Cole is currently performing surgery in Athens, Greece. He has united with Dr Bisanga to open BisangaCole Hair Transplant clinic. I just retuned from Athens over the weekend. The new clinic opened for its first week of patient last Wednesday where Dr Cole was there performing surgery.

Over the next months, Drs Bisanga and Cole will each be making themselves available for surgery for one week out of every month. Therefore the clinic will be operational for two weeks each month. Both Drs still have their original clinics in Brussels and Atlanta and so therefore are dividing their time. It really is very exciting and it offers a great opportunity for price conscious patients to have access to two elite physicians.

Dr Cole will be more than happy to set up a video consultation for prospective patients. I could arrange that.

Any questions, just let me know.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece
WhatsApp + 34 642 37 03 83