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Dr. Jerry Wong FUHT strip hair transplant 7781 grafts 1 session -


Dr. Jerry Wong (Hasson & Wong) hair transplant result.

Patient "London Lad"
FUHT Strip technique
7781 grafts
Dr. Jerry Wong
1 session

Few doctors in the world can achieve this: a mega-session of 7781 grafts strip all completed in just 1 sitting. This is one of the many reasons why Hasson & Wong is consistently ranked top 3 in the world for hair transplantation according to our patient result statistics.

For well over 20 years Hasson & Wong has been producing consistent and world class results that put them in a league of their own above and beyond the rest in the industry.

This patient traveled all the way from UK to Canada and never once regretted his decision to go to Hasson & Wong.

Below is another testimonial from a very satisfied patient who had received 7781 grafts strip from Dr. Jerry Wong

Hasson & Wong’s results are widely considered world class by any standards. They are a sponsor of HairSite and is presently a top ranked hair clinic on HairSite according to our patient result statistics. Hasson & Wong offers both FUE and Strip techniques and has over 13 years of uninterrupted patient records on HairSite.

For more info, email info@hassonandwong.com or call 1–800–859–2266 or (604) 739-4247. Free no cost, no fee in-person consultations in cities across US, Canada and Europe every month. For more info, go to http://hairsite.com/free-hair-transplant-consultations/