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Dr. Hasson 8364 Grafts /2 sessions/FUT/8 months post-op


This patient in his 20’s was particularly bothered by his hair loss as often is the case with young patients. When evaluating a patient for surgery, Dr. Hasson not only assesses the cosmetic benefit but also what the overall effect can be on a persons life who is suffering emotionally from his or her hair loss. In this case not only was the physical transformation quite remarkable but maybe even more impressive was the positive impact getting hair back had on this patient’s life. These types of cases are often the most rewarding for Dr. Hasson as he is able to make such a profound life altering impact. Cases such as these are one of the main reasons Dr. Hasson choose to get into the hair restoration business. This patient with his renewed confidence and sense of well being is now thriving in his new career.

The first surgery consisted of 5245 grafts with 1491 being singles, 3321 doubles, 433 3-4 hair grafts. The significant cosmetic impact was realized after the first surgery but as sometimes is the case, the patient after seeing the result wanted to take his result to the next level. The second surgery slightly lowered the hairline while adding a little density to the mid scalp and crown. This consisted of 3119 grafts of which 869 were singles, 1977 doubles, 273 3-4 hair grafts. This result depicted with styling products in the hair is 8 months post-op from the second procedure.


Great result, no doubt. Just a couple of observations, though. First, this guy has such a nicely shaped head and looks great with a buzz cut. Although I am a great fan of H&W, perhaps he should have gone FUE? Second, the angle of his ears seems to have changed! Although he seems to be holding his head at the same angle in the before and after photos, in the latter pics, his ears seem to tip anteriorly about 15 degrees. Is this just an illusion, or does a strip have that effect? Thanks.


Wow, this looks amazing.