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Dr.Hasson 4008 Grafts/FUT/ 1 Session/ Patient Submitted Photos and Time Lapse Vi


This patient from the UK in his late 20’s traveled to Vancouver for surgery at the start of last year to address his frontal and mid scalp thinning. He submitted these photos to Doug which marked his 12 month results. The patient is very happy with his transformation and I had the chance to meet with him in London last week to shot some hi-res photos and video which we will be documenting in full very soon.

In the meantime I thought you should see the transformation from the patient submitted photos and a very cool time lapse video that he took of his hair every day from day 1 until month 9 of his result.

Time Lapse Video Day 1 to Month 9


As promised here are some of the photos that I took of this patient recently. We are in the process of editing some videos into something watchable and will update again when that is ready.


Here’s the HD video as promised.


Amazing transformation, I don’t care what people say but hair does make a hell of a difference.