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Dr Hakan DOGANAY/3050 Grafts/6-9 Months/FUE+Implanter Pen


These are 3050 grafts, after 6-9 month results. The patient is quite happy with the result and we quote his last email to us:

“Yours implant was very good, it really change my life in a better way. I want to congratulate all the team, and wish you all the best !”

The patient did not want hair transplantation for the vertex area in the first operation.

Some of the pictures are not very clear since we received “after 6-9 months” pictures from the patient, but they are clear enough to compare as before/after. We asked the patient for clearer pictures.

The techniques we used in the operation are Implanter Pen and FUE.

Graft Details:
Singe----- 1225
Double— 1450
Multiple— 375

TOTAL 3050 Grafts

***Our price includes after care medicines, shampoo, PRP, accommodation , meals, transportation in the city (not the flight ticket) that our patients can feel more comfortable during their operation times in Turkey. To learn about the prices: www.hakandoganayfue.com/pricing

***Additionally, We apply PRP Therapy to our patients for free. For more information: www.hakandoganayfue.com/prp-therapy

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