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Dr. Epstein - Temple restoration and lowering of the hairline 2100 grafts FUE

Latest FUE hair transplant result from Dr. Jeffrey Epstein - a “Top 10 Hair Transplant Doctor of All Time” according to HairSite patient result statistics.

Patient #109730
Male - 38 years old.
FUE hair transplant
2100 grafts,

Hairline and temple recession are some of the earlier signs of pattern baldness. Here we have a male patient who shows dramatic improvement after a mere 2100 FUE grafts procedure with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein.

Temple closure can be difficult to do for some hair transplant doctors because of the way the temple region curves along the forehead. Here you can see Dr. Epstein’s artistic skills displayed to the fullest with a near flawless temple closure for the patient.

Using only 2100 grafts, Dr. Epstein is able to fill in the temple areas for the patient and also give him an age appropriate hairline that can last him for many years without any touch-ups.

To learn more about Dr. Epstein and the latest in hair restoration technologies, please visit Foundhair.com

Dr. Epstein’s clinic offers the following surgical and non-surgical hair restoration treatments at his clinic in Miami.

Men hair transplant; women hair transplant; body hair transplant; beard hair transplant; hair transplant repair; strip scars repair; gender reaffirmation hair restoration; eyebrow transplant; hairline lowering surgery; ethnic hair transplant; HairClone; low level laser hair therapy; Platelet Rich Plasma cell therapy; scalp micropigmentation and more.

Contact Info

Foundation for Hair Restoration
Dr. Jeffrey Epstein (MD, FACS, FISHRS) & Dr. Anthony Bared (MD, FACS)
Highly respected and world renowned hair restoration specialists in Miami.
Tel: 305.666.1774 (Miami)
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