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Dr. Cole offering in-person consultations - July 24th- Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Hi fellow viewers,

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dr. John P. Cole, MD, will be in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to conduct in-person consultations. Our official date is set for Friday July 24th, 2009, from approximately 3pm until late evening. These in-person appointments with Dr. Cole offer a great opportunity to discuss how we may help you achieve your goals in hair restoration. During the consultation, you will receive first-hand knowledge of what Dr. Cole recommends for your non-surgical and surgical treatment of hair loss.

There are many considerations to be made prior to undergoing a hair restoration procedure. Understanding and educating yourself about current hair restoration procedures available will help you decide on what method is most beneficial and which method(s) to avoid. The expert medical advice from Dr. Cole will be very useful from now until years to come. We view informed patients as individuals who understand the importance of knowing the associated risks of a procedure. A single most important fact that any potential patient should know is that hair loss can be a progressive condition.

The first step to reserve an appointment is calling or emailing our Atlanta office for further details. For any questions that you may have regarding our approach to hair restoration, please feel free to speak with our friendly patient care staff. The final step is to email or fax the contact form attached below. Please come join us on this wonderful day!



Dr. Cole must be going there for the ISHRS conference, anything exciting to share or same old?


» Dr. Cole must be going there for the ISHRS conference, anything exciting to
» share or same old?

Dr. Greco will be doing a presentation on platelet rich plasma, it would be interesting to see what he has to say.