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DR. Cole FUE Results - Only 2050 Grafts - Forhair


Today we’re sharing a video and images of yet another successful hair transplant. His other half urged him to go through with the procedure for his own outlook. He’s glad he did! The change is dramatic 22 months later, with 2050 grafts making a huge difference.
Patient’s photo gallery: https://www.forhair.com/hair-transplant-patient-photos/patient-mil/
Procedure: FUE - CIT
Norwood Scale: 4V
No. Grafts: 2050
Post-op: 22 Months


Good work !! No PRP for him ? Pure FUE?


Yes! Pure FUE it is…


Perfect example to show that it is very important to fix the hairline first among all things, I am totally fine leaving the crown bald like him, just the hairline work alone makes him look 10 years younger. If he were to use the 2050 grafts to fix the crown first, he would still look like a bald dude.


why did Dr. Cole decide not to use PRP on this patient? How does he decide when to use and not use PRP?


I am not sure in this case, i can check but not all patients want or can afford PRP