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Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic, 3709 FUT, Hair Line Repair & Crown Work, 0 - 2 Years Pos


Patient had previous surgery at another clinic, yet had poor growth. Dr Bisanga opted for a FUT/STRIP procedure harvesting 3,709 grafts, of which 3,000 were placed in the front area and 709 grafts into the crown.


Post-Op placement

2 years result




Very impressive hairline work! Is your price the same for either Dr. Bisanga or Dr. Theresa?


Thanks for the comment Norwood3.

STRIP for Dr.Teresa is:-

0-2000 FU: 2.50€ and above that amount: 2.00€


0-1000 FU: 4.00€, and above: 3.00€

1 day hotel paid for 1 day op and 2 days for 2 day op also for Dr.Teresa in Spain.

STRIP for Dr.Bisanga is:-

0-2000 FU: 3.00€ and above: 2.00€


0-1000 FU: 5.00€, and above: 3.00€


Thank you, didn’t think there would be a price difference but I am glad I asked.


Very nice. The scar above the ear, is that from this surgery with Dr. Bisanga or from his previous hair transplant?


Hi Lucky

Thanks for the comments.

The Strip we performed as a second procedure for this patient but first with us and extended it to gain the grafts needed.

The scar is shown magnified and close up in this photo also with surrounding hair parted.