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Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic, 2094 FUE 09 - 12 Months


Patients own words leading up to surgery and post op of 2094 FUE 0 - 12 Months.

Patient had a further second surgery to forward his temple points in order to frame his face more.

Patients words.

So, after 2 years or so of research I have just got back from Brussels having completed my FUE with Dr. Bisanga. 2,094 grafts in total: 519 one graft, 894 two graft, 613 three graft and 68 four grafts (total of 4,402 hairs). Originally they expected 1,500 - 2,000 but we went a little beyond that. It was agreed to go conservative and I am happy with that.

I must first start off by saying that while it was far from an horrific ordeal it was also far from a walk in the park! For some unknown reason I thought the whole surgery would be a doddle. Easy and boring as far as I was concerned. Well, that was not the case. I did not expect to have that many numbing injections and they are bloody sore! And lying on your back can get very uncomfortable. But thats just me being a b!tch I suppose.The technicians were great mind you and made it easier than what it really was.

Anyway it was 2 days of fairly long days and I am delighted to have it finished. Especially all the travelling. Now its just rest for 2 weeks and I can deal with that!

So I could go on but I wont. I have attached my photos from before and the day of the surgery (can’t seem to post them all on the one page so will spread out). I will make sure to update fairly regularly early on to show how I heal and then will prob post every couple of weeks to show the growth. I have started a blog too. Let me know your thoughts if you have any!

2094 FUE and break down as follows:-

519 one graft
894 two graft
613 three graft
68 four grafts
Total of 4,402 hairs



8 Days

12 Days

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

7 Months

9 Months

12 Months and Temple design that patient wanted to touch in a second sugery.

After Temple point design