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Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi (Alvi Armani) 8,151 grafts FUE

A huge improvement and given the state of the art of hair transplantation today, the patient should have no complaints.

That being said, I have two comments.

  1. Although the hairline isn’t simply a thick, obvious line, the leading edge of grafts do are along the same plane. I’m not sure why more doctors, who understand angulation and creating a serrated edge, don’t make the leading edge of hair placement a little less symmetrical.

  2. The crown photos show something of a comb over.

I would not call this Dr. Baubac hairline overly symmetrical

Dr. Baubac designs and restores all kinds of hairlines with different designs, below are just a few examples of his hairline restorations

I agree that the examples you give are undetectable - the leading edge is varied.

The one in the original post, not so much. But still better than 98% of the work I have seen online.