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Dr. Baubac Hayadtavoudi - full restoration 3,996 grafts FUE


Dr. Baubac Hayadtavoudi - full restoration 3,996 grafts FUE

  • done in one session all in same day by Dr. Baubac

The below patient had 3,996 grafts FUE in one session with Dr. Baubac to restore zones 1, 2 and 3. Dr. Baubac created the hairline with 100% transplanted grafts, and also restored all behind the hairline, the midscalp and back towards the crown.

Dr. Baubac does all his own FUE harvesting to ensure a great result

Comparison photos one year

Comparison two years post op

Before photos

Post op (graft placement)

Result photos (1 year post op)

Result 2 years post op


transformation photos by Dr. Baubac


WOW, I am sold! Really really good


Yes, very good indeed, soft natural hairline.


Thank you. Dr. Baubac used all single grafts for the hairline to create that natural, soft look. Using singles for the hairline is critical in creating a soft, natural hairline. This element of the procedure is something a lot of FUE clinics are not doing these days. A high percentage of these new FUE clinics that popping up globally are using doubles and triples in the hairline which is why you are seeing so many pluggy looking results from inexperienced FUE clinics online lately.


Another photo of this result - notice the singles used in the hairline in the after photo.

This hairline is 100% transplanted hair by Dr. Baubac using FUE- the after photo is taken under harsh flash - this result and hairline stands on its own, there is no native hair left in the hairline, it’s 100% transplanted hairs.

click image to see high def photo of result and hairline


Very nice, just the right amount of density. I like the fact that I can still see a little bit of the scalp which makes it appear very natural as if someone has a touch of thinning as he gets older.


Thank you!