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Dr. Baubac Hayadatvoudi of Alvi Armani explains why he does his own FUE harvesting


Dr. Baubac Hayadatvoudi of Alvi Armani explains why he does his own FUE harvesting. Why he feels artistry is important, donor management and the importance of focus while performing a Hair Transplant procedure.

Dr. Baubac performs his FUE Hair Transplants in Beverly Hills.


A lot of folks fail to understand why this is such an important part of FUE or surgery as a whole. This is the proper FUE surgical protocol clinics should have. A doctor should do all SURGICAL aspects of surgery. A technician or a nurse should not perform surgery and most US states do not allow this. Some docs may find loopholes and use a robot handled by non doctors to extract to avoid those laws, however, surgery is surgery and a doctor should score and extract tissues from patients.

Dr. Hayadatvoudi, thank you for the informative video.

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I agree SeanFUE, This is a very important topic.

I thought all doctors do their own harvesting and then they let the technicians finish the recipient site.

I agree with every word he said but what also comes to mind is that fatigue is a huge factor for the doctor doing the harvesting. Most treatments easily call for 2000 grafts or more in a day and you can imagine how demanding it must be for the doctor to have to focus intensely over such a long period of time. When the doctor is tired, quality suffers. This is something that is rarely discussed when people talk about the pros and cons of fue.

Nope. Some have techs/nurses extract grafts and have them insert grafts into recipient sites. That is why it is aleays good to ask before you even put down a deposit.

I can see what you mean. However, docs that do manual tend to break up surgeries into more than one day for large procedures. Some set limits on grafts extracted.

Then you have some docs that use techs and nurses to extract do large cases in one day 3000+ grafts and such clinics are even able to handle more than 1 patient a day due to this. Maximizing patients by running something like a mill. So doctor would be fatigued regardless and be creating thousands of recipient sites a day. The worst part is, the doc is working on multiple patients and the surgery day is not dedicated to you.

With most fue docs i spoke with, they limit extractions per day, and, only focus on you as the patient of the day. Heart surgeons doing nonstop 8-10 surgeries and are standing probably are more fatigued. If a doctor can handle fue extractions, it is likely they do not feel fatigued.

Another question to ask is, are you paying the rate you pay for surgery to a doc? Each doctor charges different. So, if techs/nurses extract, what justifies the price as it is not a surgeon scoring the donor area?

Ive seen some amazing results with noticeable yield when docs extract and do most surgical aspects themselves.

@Norwood3 @SeanFUE

This is very true SeanFUE and thank you for the great discussion. Not all doctors do their own FUE harvesting and some clinics will use Technicians to do this.

At Alvi Armani in Beverly Hills Dr. Baubac does ALL of the FUE Harvesting personally and believes this is very important.


Dr. Baubac explains why he does all his own FUE harvesting

Undergoing a Hair Restoration is a life changing decision. For such an important choice it is important to know who is performing your FUE Hair Restoration procedure.

At many FUE clinics, even in the United States, Physician Assistants, Technicians as well as untrained and unlicensed medical personal are doing the FUE Extractions and harvesting for the procedures. Not your hair restoration surgeon.

FUE harvesting is extremely delicate work, and is an absolutely critical component to the quality of your hair restoration outcome. Only a trained doctor or surgeon should be harvesting your grafts.

When considering a hair restoration surgery, it is important to find a qualified surgeon who has proper training, FUE experience and certifications and one who is heavily involved in your procedure and performing your FUE Harvesting.

In our Beverly Hills Clinic, all FUE harvesting is personally done by Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi to ensure the survival of each single graft in order to provide you with the ideal outcome for your procedure.

Below is an absolute critical questions that you need an answer to before moving forward with an FUE clinic.

  1. Is your Doctor the person doing all the FUE harvesting for your procedure or is a Physician Assistant or technician doing the harvesting?

What is happening more often then not in FUE Clinics is, the Physicians Assistant (PA) or a technician is doing the FUE harvesting for the procedure while the doctor is in the other room doing consultations. This has become very common practice at FUE clinics even in the United States and Canada.

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