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Dr. Baubac hairline lowering result - fue

Dr. Baubac hairline lowering result - fue

  • hairline lowering
  • temple closure
  • facial framing
  • high density
  • 2,666 grafts fue with Dr. Baubac

Think he shoulda lowered it a bit more. Hes still got some forehead showing.

The more you lower a hairline the more grafts you use up leaving less grafts for behind the new hairline, the mid scalp and crown if the patients hair loss progresses as they get older. A donor region does not give infinite amount of grafts. Doctors who give a super low hairline especially on patients in their 20’s or early 30’s do a disservice to their patients. A case should never be looked at in terms of just the hairline. The entire scalp needs to be mapped out.

This patient’s donor region was assessed with how many total grafts he has available - how many grafts would be needed to be used behind the new hairline if that area thinned out, how many grafts would be needed to restore the mid scalp and how many grafts may be needed if he has hair loss in his crown if his hair loss progresses in those areas.

After his entire scalp was mapped out Dr. Baubac then designed his hairline accordingly. With a plan so his entire head of hair could be restored with the grafts he has available in his donor region if the worst case hair loss pattern occurs.

This way when the patient is in his 40’s he does not come back and say “I would like to have my crown restored” and our reply is “Sorry, you can’t … we used up all your grafts to lower your hairline. You have to deal with the crown loss…” And then the patient is walking around with a super low hairline hiding his forehead with hair loss, bald spots and scalp showing all behind his new hairline and in the crown as his hair loss progressed as he aged… Our plan avoids this situation.

Dr. Baubac designs a hairline specific to the patients donor region, scalp mapping and needs and with the future in mind so the patient is looking great both now and long term and as he ages.

Doctors who do not do this do a disservice to their patients.

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