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Dr. Baubac FUE result - 3,517 grafts + PRP

Dr. Baubac FUE result - 3,517 grafts + PRP

This patient had 3,517 grafts FUE and PRP to restore his frontal region, hairline and temples.

The patient is only at 5 months post op in the after photos. The patient took the after photos himself.

We have found that our patients who have been having a hair restoration combined with PRP treatment have experienced faster healing times post op, less shedding post op and higher retention of transplanted grafts post procedure, as well as earlier regrowth of transplanted follicles.

Comparison photos

Before photos

Post op (graft placement)

After (5 months post op)

Amazing result. I had more grafts in a zone similar to this patients but the outcome was much different. Very impressed at the work and yield on this patient comsidering the texture of his hair. Absolutely, not fair on what some people go through. Really want to live happy, but it is a struggle based on what is happening with my result. Was hoping to be happy since my first surgery, 2 more later, it is cery damaging. All i can do is hope.


Hi SeanFUE, I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with your results. I also wanted to clarify that you did not have a procedure at our clinic and that your unsatisfactory results were from another clinic.

No no, not with yours, but seeing results like these gives hope but not sure what will happen to me at the moment. This is the thpe of work someone wants and the yield someone wants. Two other clinics did mine, total of 3 surgeries and both are well known. Ive been trying to talk to Dr Baubac. I spoke with him in length before in person. He has my number. I know hes a busy guy but if free, i just wanted to touch base with him.

Is the cost for PRP already factored into the cost per graft or do patients pay a separate fee to have PRP included ?

Amazing results I’m speechless

@Marry1993 @NoMeds @SeanFUE @discobot @Dogstar

We offer PRP at a reduced rate when combined with a hair transplant procedure.

Since introducing PRP in combination with FUE our patients have been seeing much less shedding of the grafts post procedure and earlier growth, so patient’s results are coming in much faster.

As you can see by this patient result at 5 months, he is well ahead of schedule.

When patients have an FUE hair transplant procedure with us + PRP, the healing times post op have been much faster, which makes for a quicker recovery for the patient. Patients can return to normal activities faster, to their normal showering routine faster, go back to the gym after their procedure earlier, and back to work after their hair transplant quicker.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

nice result, but the extent of the hair loss is mild. PRP probably helps deliver a better yield.

Do you also have pics showing the hairline exposed or brushed back? I am sure it is very nice but still would like to see how natural it looks if you have any. Great result indeed.


Yes, we have found that patients who have PRP with their FUE procedure not only see better yield, but also faster healing post op and earlier growth. The patients follicles come out of the resting phase earlier and their results come in faster.

In addition, patients who have PRP with their FUE can return to the gym earlier after their procedure.

Patient Consultant
Alvi Armani Beverly Hills
Los Angeles, California www.alviarmani.com

Have you ever tried using liposomal ATP spray with your patients, post op?


We have a proprietary post operation cell solution that Dr. Baubac invented that assists in growth and recovery that we have our patients apply immediately post op for the first week.

What is ATP spray?

Liposomal adenosine tri-phosphate. It’s supposed to help reestablish a blood supply to the new grafts and improve healing. A number of doctors provide it to their patients to begin spraying it immediately post-op.

We use a proprietary post operation cell solution that Dr. Baubac invented that our patients use the first week after their procedure with us. The spray helps with faster healing, prevents any redness post op and helps promote early growth. I am not at liberty to disclose the ingredients.

Hi Pats… I have been using amla oil on my crown for a number of months and it seems to have started some growth…I was thinking about trying some PRP injections in addition to see if that will boost the growth… will Dr. Baubac provide PRP treatments NOT in conjunction with a transplant? Thanks.

Yes, Dr. Baubac also offers stand alone PRP therapy.

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