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Dr. Baubac Case 3,511 graft FUE - NEW RESULT

Dr. Baubac FUE Hair Restoration procedure

This patient had 3,511 grafts fue with Dr. Baubac in our Alvi Armani Beverly Hills clinic to restore his hairline, behind his hairline and mid scalp.


Wish Baubac had lowered the hairline a bit more

If we had lowered the hairline more then we would not have been able to go back as far as we did to also cover the mid scalp with the 3,500 grafts. The patient is a NW6 and has a lot of area to cover. A real aggressive hairline with someone who has a NW6 pattern is not always a wise decision and would not allow the patient to achieve the coverage on top that he was looking for.

Yes I could understand that. But I’m sure the patient has enough donor area to cover just a third of an inch more to lower the hairline. You may be looking at me like I’m too picky which I am when it comes to hair transplants. I guess I’m a hairline perfectionist.

Thank you for your comments. Its not about being picky. It’s about knowing the limitations of hair transplants, donor management and being able to provide the patient with the full coverage he desires front to back. Hairline placement is absolutely critical, especially when you are talking about a NW6 who wants full coverage front to back including the crown. Donor area and available grafts are not limitless. Everyone has a finite amount of grafts available and it is best to use them conservatively and wisely.

Sure, we can place a low hairline on anyone, but not everyone is a candidate for such a hairline. Doing so on a patient who wants full coverage front to back and has a massive area to cover in the front, mid scalp and crown would not be the best route to go in this case. A lower hairline would not have allowed him to get full coverage in the crown.

Hairline placement is an important part of donor management. The lower the hairline the more grafts you eat up taking away grafts that could be used for the crown. Just something to keep in mind.

Again we appreciate your comments and point of view.

I completely understand now. Thanks!

no problem!

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