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Dr. Baubac amazing hairline result - BRAND NEW result video


Dr. Baubac amazing hairline result - BRAND NEW result video

This patient below had a FUE hair restoration result to lower his hairline, close his temples and frame his face. Below are photos and a video testimony and comb thru of his result


Before and After photos of Dr. Baubac result


The temple closures were done beautifully but if you asked me i don’t think he needed a hair transplant to begin with.


Ive actually met this guy and seen it in person. His result and temple closures are probably one of the best in the industry. Looks extremely natural that folks do not stare at his scalp for sure—- you can’t tell there has been any work done. It looks like his own hairline from birth. Very artistic placement and result. Too bad some other doctors can’t deliver like this.


Agreed. His result looks absolutely stunning in person. Our patient’s comment on his result all the time.


How many grafts in total did he receive and what is his age?


He had 2,311 grafts FUE


I would probably do the same , not say a word to anyone until after the fact.


A lot of patients do that, especially if they have had a non shaving FUE procedure with Dr. Baubac