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Dr.Armani 3117 grafts 14months


The day doing the procedure with Armani on 18.12.2008. 2 times minoxidil daily, I am healthy,no disease.no wig…doing the procedure only on the zone1 and zone 2,total 3117 grafts. SEE MORE PHOTOS LONG TIME AGO http://photo.myspace.cn/1310904136/album/1129019/page/1



Now this is a reason not to have an hair transplant.This poor bloke had more hair before procedure.

What went wrong.Would someone let us know,preferably the Doctor who did it.

3117 grafts and a lot of money just to less hair than before.

This as been posted before.Does the Doctor accept responsibility or not?


This case has already been discussed. It is already logged in the archives and will be reflected in the 2009 year-end summary for patient results.

I was advised that Dr. Armani’s staff have reached out to him many times in both Chinese and English: “he has been very uncooperative since the very first day after his procedure, not following post op instructions. We really have made an effort to reach out to him, he refuses to meet with Dr Armani in person for an evaluation,…”

There is no guarantee when it comes to hair transplant. Every clinic has at least one patient who claims to be unhappy for whatever reasons. Nobody knows exactly what happened especially when there is no clear dialogue between the clinic and the patient. Like I said before, this case has already been discussed and logged in the 2009 archives. We welcome any new findings pertaining to this case that can help everyone understand what happened. Feel free to email hairsite@aol.com. Otherwise, please refer to the archives if anyone wishes to revisit this case.