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Dr.Akif Mehmetoglu - AKM Clinic 5000 grafts FUE hair transplantation


Hi everyone,

I’m new in the forum and feel very excited to share my hair transplant story with other members. Though it happened 2 years ago, after reading some patient reviews, I’m inspired to share mine too. I had my FUE hair transplant in Turkey/ Istanbul by Dr.Akif Mehmetoglu in October 2016. Before I did a lot of research and met several doctors, You can have many options however must be very careful choosing the correct one. After consulting with some good doctors of this field I decided to choose Dr.Akif Mehmetoglu. I found himself and his team more professional and the results gallery impressed me to choose them. Friendly staff, modern clinic and hygiene standards also helped me to make my decision.
Before surgery, I had a detailed consultation with doctor, he checked my general health situation and made some hair measurements. He estimated my donor area as 8000 grafts and decided to do 5000 grafts surgery. He said that would keep my hairline conservative as the area is large, he preferred to fill the receding area and strengthen the frontline. Then he drew planned shape on my forehead for better idea and it fitted my face. The price for surgery was 60 cents per graft but they offered me some discount. I was satisfied with all the service so far and they took me to the hotel by VIP car. Hotel was really good 5 star with comfortable room. The next day I had a very good breakfast there and driver took me to the clinic.

So big day arrived, October 11th… My assistant met me at the door and she was around the whole day, supported me and helped me much with language. Dr.Akif controlled if I’m ready for surgery and we started at 9.30 am. They used local anesthesia and frankly injections were painful in the beginning. However it lasted just couple minutes and my head got numbed. After I didn’t feel any pain. Extractions performed by team, nurses were very professional, they counted my grafts under loop. Dr Akif made the incisions it took around 30-40 minutes and after I had lunch break. The final step was implantation, I was lying on my back and could have some sleep, it was the longest part. But everything went smoothly. 2 nurses performed implants. Surgery lasted around 6 hours. It was long day after having my bandage and laser therapy they gave me necessary medicine and neck pillow and took me back to the hotel. It was hard to sleep but at least neck pillow assured me that grafts will remain safe. The next day I had my first wash, the nurse carefully washed my head and explained me how to wash for next days. I got my shampoo ,mousse and spray. I was satisfied with service, my team and doctor supported me much. In 2 days I went back home. I got scabs on my scalp for couple days but during hair wash I tried to clean them off as the team explained me. Being honest first 3 months are not so pleasant, your head is read, you look even balder then before but after 6 months your appearance visibly changes, hair grows and getting thicker every month. I was in touch with clinic for post-surgery period and they supported me much. I attach my before and after photos so you can see the results.

Dr. Akif helped me to find my self-esteem and confidence. I’m very happy with my hair and new look. I’m thankful him that he did his best before and after operation. I recommend Dr.Akif because he is very successful at hair transplant, now I hope I can help others by this post, you can ask me if you want to know more info about procedure and etc.