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Dr A - the importance of service with a smile and genuine care


Survey by Dr. A - importance of service with a smile.
Hi friends, I hope you read this to the end. I spent INR 30/(usd 0.5) , 1 hour and probably burnt 100 calories on Juhu beach, mumbai. Went to eat a plate of panipuri. Started from one end of the beach… each shopkeeper sold the snack at same price and a similar insolent manner. No smile, no patience. As if they are not feeding a delicacy but getting rid of a burden. I realized what a customer/patient must be feeling when treated the same way.

I decided I will only have my pani puri at the shop they served with a smile and with care and patience. I searched the entire beach and thought I will go back convinced that such caring attitude no longer exists. But towards the end I found one shop where inspite of being haraungued by a group of children, the shopkeeper was smiling, polite (yes, even to children ). I decided to test him asking him for a taste of different accompaniments before deciding whether to buy.

Was pleasantly surprised that he not only did not lose patience but actually tried to help me taste all the different varieties and find out what my taste is.

Just then the group of children came back with inr 30/ for a dish costing inr 50/.
The man just turned to his helper and told him to give the dish (dahi puri) saying they are just children.
I had my panipuri, but decided to test his patience further, asking for different types of accompaniments. But not only was he patient and smiling, he was caring about what may be too spicy or sweet for my taste.
I was happy having spent the same money for same dish but with a person who was patient and genuinely interested in making sure I enjoyed the dish.

But cynical side of me thought… maybe he does not have enough business, so he is going out of way to be nice.

So, I asked him I want to send some friends over as I liked his panipuri… but just to be sure, are there other shops by the same name on the beach.
His reply - there are 2 other shops but don’t worry, they too are mine (santosh bhel puri shop)
The man must be a millionaire … but his smile, service and genuine intent to let his customers enjoy whatever they ate convinced me.
All things being equal, service with a smile and genuine (not faked up) concern will and should win the day.
So, if someone serves with a surly face and attitude, walk away and tell him the reason.
Hopefully, this will improve the standards and people will learn, once more, the joy of service.