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Dr. A , my HT and the good things in life

Hi all,
I wish to say I am very happy with my hair transplant results. It has changed my life for good in more than one way. Life has become busier in other fields, leaving me less time and initiative to visit the forums.
I owe a lot to my new hair, to Dr. A and his team of dedicated doctors and techs. There was a time, I used to wear a cap all the time, and avoid getting in group pictures. Not any more. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, Dr. A is the best hair transplant doctor out there. Caring, passionate and with the imagination to make the most fabulous hair restorations. If you wish to choose a doctor, whether for strip or fue, you cant go wrong going to him.
He also has the best team of techs working for him. It will be unjust not to mention the great team of people.
I went to meet Dr. A yesterday. Finally managed a picture with the great man himself. :slight_smile:
I love my new hairline. :slight_smile: fue only :slight_smile:

Some pictures, and I hope the clinic finds time to post more of my pictures and videos.

I have decided to attend the seminar press conference being held by Dr. A on Nov 1. Meet you there.

Heres another picture for your viewing pleasure. The driving licence in picture is from the time before I got any hair transplants.

Thanks for your appreciative words, Eric.
We look forward to meet you in the seminar.

Here are some of your pictures. For the knowledge of the viewers, the hair have been brushed in different styles with and without wetting them, to show different views.

Wet hair and hair brushed back to show the hairline. Eric has thick calibre wavy hair.

Different hair styling, different views.

Do you have a Link to before pictures?? Thanks

ยป Do you have a Link to before pictures?? Thanks

Dear Marco,
Ericgomes has had multiple HT procedures over the yearsas hishairloss has progressed.

Below is a link to his June 2006 pictures.

June 2006 picture You can see where the hairline was in June 2006.

I will try locate the other threads of ericgomes procedures.

Dr. A

Dear forum readers,
Ericgomes recent, hairline mostly, FUSE procedure was performed in Jan 2007.
The following is the link to Jan 2007 pictures.

Jan 2007 pre op picture.

Dr. A

Dear forum readers,
We recorded a video of wet hair being brushed and in different angles.

The video was long, so it has been broken into three parts, for ease in viewing.



Dr. A

Eric, how many grafts did you have in total from Dr. A ?

Dear Dr. A, I would be interested to know what CAPT stnds for in your credentials. I assume it is part of your surgical qualification but I was just wondering? Thanks.

Congrats Eric and docs. Nice result. .

Great results their Eric and Dr A and team !

keep up the good work ! my hair at 6 months after my 3700 FUSE is looking fantastic i would say in person, and i will be posting more pics to come as my results near the 12 month mark but im takeing photos every month to track my progress.

ยป Congrats Eric and docs. Nice result. .

Nice result, you must be very happy. Are there any crown pics?

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