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Don't fear of hair transplant


Hi, I wrote same article in some other forums because I was very concerned about transplant previously but I want to specify that transplant is not a anxious operation.I had hair transplant 5 month ago in İstanbul. Before the choosing my transplant clinic, I researched various clinic. The most important thing for me was quality, cleaning and reference of the clinic because I was scared of hair transplant. But my close friend had hair transplant, he suggested to me a clinic in İstanbul and his result was amazing for me. So, I took courage  and I went to İstanbul to transplant. Except the fly ticket, my clinic meet my all requirements (transfer, hotel, food etc.) . Also, clinic’s personnel and doctors are very Professional and understanding. 1 day after the succesful transplant , I returned my country. And now my hair is growing so I am very happy to have hair transplant. I want to say you that dont fear of transplant and you can be sure of that the transplant changes your new life.


Terrible advice - be afraid, be very afraid.


Had you hair transplant? If you could choose professional team, dont be afraid. Doctor used local anestesia before the transplant so I dont feel any pain and I think my changing life during the operation. and now, when I look in a mirror, I feel better.


Which hair transplant doctor did you go to in Turkey?


Sorry I dont remember doctor’s name because its Turkish name but I can say the e-mail address of the person who gave me the appointment:
beste.c@okaaesthetic.com if you remark name of me -Martin, I think they help you.


How can you not remember the doctor’s name??? If I had a surgeon perform an operation on me, I would remember his name better than what I had for breakfast this morning.


I think it is not a big issue, my result is more important than doctor’s name. I couldnt remember when I wrote this and so I explained its a Turkish name it is a different name for me. and its my problem man, I want to encourage people who think about the transplant only. If you enter the clinic’s website or sent email you can learn doctor’s name because there is one doctor in there. Or if you really want to know name, I can ask the doctor’s name to clinic for you.


LOL :smile: :smile: :smile:


Actually, you should fear a transplant. This is coming from someone with shit load of physical experience in this regard. Some of you think this is a flawless industry by even top names. You have no idea how many folks I have helped contact proper authorities to get things documented, refunds, repairs etc.

What some websites help portray is a flawless or not so screwed up industry. Look at the number of “touch ups” folks get. Look at some folks that disappear.

Only in the hands of ethical doctors, will you have more assurance that if something screws up, they have ypur back. Look at doctors that take their time, actually do the procedure, and make sure they treat you like a masterpiece throughout the journey.