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Does anyone take the idea of fat cell injections seriously?


As you all know a Yale professor thinks fat cell injections could “cure” hair loss. Does anyone take this serious?
I think the studies she has publicized so far are a couple years old so I wonder if she may have new info about the subject yet. Has anyone tried to contact her?


Her name is Dr. Valerie Horsley.
I’ve seen no info on this Yale project since Sept. 2011.
I’ll try to find an e-mail address for her.


Looks like she runs her own lab at Yale.


Says she’s doing direct research on skin and hair. The research section has the detials and there’s a whole bunch of resarch papers to go through.

She’s doing research into NFATc1 which I guess is what the fat thing is.

There’s actually a thread on hairsite from 2008 about a study on NFATc1.