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Differences in the Techniques of Dr Cole vs Dr A and Dr Umar

» Please lets get back to the original question
» What are the differences in the Techniques of Dr Cole vs Dr A and Dr Umar
» if any.
» If any one has even 0.1% to add JUST TO THE ABOVE QUESTION, pls do so.
» We all have ONE COMMON ENEMY to fight that is MPB.

Seems like Dr. A has a better approach to BHT and Dr. Cole controls the most natural looking scalp hair transplants.

» » Those who have nothing intelligent to say to refute accusations, or
» argue
» » a point, usually resort to correcting spelling and punctuation
» ,using
» » the spell Checker of course
» »
» » you are not that bright are you
» C’mon, Lenny, don’t be like that. If you behave I’ll tell you about the
» rabbits again.

face the truth, you are a moron, and the only thing you have to respond to others posts is a lame, albeit admirable attempt to correct their spelling

hey it beats admitting your lack of brains , doesn’t it

by the way, does Cole Pay you a Salary , or do You just clean his toilets in exchange for a discount on your plugs

» Well you are correct about slanderous comments. They have to be untrue to
» be considered a slander.

Hairtech, Merry xmas


Hairtech, i just got through reading most of your posts from the beginning. Did i understand correctly that you used to work in Dr. Cole’s office?

holy crap hangininthere you are funny. and Merry xmas to you.


I have worked with Dr.Rose, Cooley, Bisanga, Mwamba, Harris, DeVroye, and Cole.

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