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Dermatopoietin hair protection system


No claims are being made…just posting this FYI. If anyone cares to try it there’s a discount “code” below:

SERUM DAY 1 TO 4 / 40 ml 43011 41.10 CHF
SERUM DAY 5 TO 14 / 60 ml 43012 36.40 CHF
KIT / 40 ml + 60 ml 43010 64.40 CHF
This prices could be changed (+/-1-3%)

Email them at info@unicos.ch and have this in the message: “I would like to use premium service. I am from Hair Loss forum” …and they will provide the password and login for access to special prices.


Info on Dermatopoientin:

"DERMATOPOIETIN® activates expression of all skin tissue relevant growth and differentiation factors like HGF, KGF and TNF-alpha from the upper layer of epidermis. These growth factors are sensed by the neighbor cells and induce global tissue remodeling process including skin cells proliferation and migration as well as controlled synthesis or degradation of extracellular matrix.

“DERMATOPOIETIN® does not deliver any functional components into the skin. It rather acts by triggering the tissue’s own regenerative abilities. As a result the process of cell regeneration starts off on the skin surface and unfolds its action in the deeper layer of the epidermis. In response to DERMATOPOIETIN® skin cells carry out a complex process of tissue remodeling that finally leads to skin rejuvenation.”


"DERMATOPOIETINTM is a 159 amino acid long
polypeptide. It is constantly produced by skin almost
exclusively onto the stratum corneum (upper skin layer)
of the human epidermis. DERMATOPOIETINTM serves as
an autocrine factor that initiates a cascade of events
directed to deeper layers of skin.
Activation of cell growth signaling cascade
DERMATOPOIETINTM activates genes encoding growth
factors such as keratinocyte growth factor (KGF)1-3,
hepatocytes growth factor (HGF)1, granulocytemacrophage
growth factor (GM-CSF)4, and transforming
growth factor-alpha (TGF-alpha)5. These growth factors,
in turn, initiate a cascade of events leading to fibroblast
and keratinocyte proliferation, keratinocyte migration6,7,
and entire skin renewal.

“DERMATOPOIETINTM suppress expression of
connective tissue growth factor (CTGF), a major
fibrogenic factor responsible for excessive scarring or
keloid formation through promoting proliferation and
collagen synthesis of mesenchymal cells12”



I’ve gone through 3 rounds of this stuff so far- one container of each product. The 1-4 day stuff is a joy to use. Clear…absorbs well…smells good…doesn’t screw up your hair. The 5-14 stuff isn’t bad, but nothing like the 1-4 stuff. They say they’re going to improve the 5-14 day one though.