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Hi everyone.
I remember seeing something on this forum a couple years ago of a study indicating that skin injury (namely dermabrasion for the study I think?)was found to induce brand new hair growth.
I was curious to know everyones thoughts on this. Was the study on mice or humans? If mice - has anyone tried it or heard anything regarding on if it helped it humans?
In the study, how much hair grew back? Was it vellus hair or terminal hair?

Any thoughts, opinions or knowledge would be appreciated.


I have experimented with it in some crude ways.

Results - it does seem to produce more vellus hairs, and probably slow down the loss process on thinning areas a bit. But it does not produce the nice thick terminal scalp hairs we want, and no subsequent drugs/naturals can turn those vellus hairs terminal.

It can produce a couple of scattered new terminal hairs. But it’s so few & far between that they can be as much of a nuisance as a benefit.

Getting this kind of results demands doing it just right - too deep and you scar yourself, too shallow and you don’t get results. You can only do a good heavy pass on an area perhaps once a year or so. I wouldn’t do it any more often because it takes a long time for the skin to recover fully. It’s no joke.


I second that


I would try the dermarolling + minox protocol. That seems to have some legitimate efficacy. People are very hesitant to post pics though.