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Cured by a string



If true, this would be the biggest achievement ever in hair restoration.


How can be possible, available from 2020 if they need at least like always 5 years of trials ???


If they are not lying (which I am 99.9% they are) this is the cure we’ve been waiting for.
10.000 new hairs for every square centimeter is a real breakthrough.

Time will tell (or will shut up if in 2020 we don’t heard anything else about it).


We’ll hear more within 6 months if this is true because this would be such a massive scientific breakthrough. I have a little more hope it’s for real because Japan’s government is pushing the medical sector to produce achievements to fuel the national economy and the quality of the research there is very high.


I want this to be true, but, like vipalex, I don’t see how “[t]his raises the prospect of a commercial cure becoming available in 2020” if clinical trials won’t even get under way until 2019. Does Japan have some kind of super-fast-track approval process?




I think the reason they’re projecting as early as 2020 for commercialization of this, is because unlike the “typical” hair loss treatment that has to go through clinical trials, this is purely a culturing and implantation process, it’s not a drug or chemical treatment of any kind. That, plus the fact that Japan has a fast-track approval process for all kinds of treatments, including something like this, might make this a reality in the market, at least in Japan, in 2020.


Any way to confirm this amazing breakthrough?


We need to see some evidence that this actually works, but 2020 is a short hop from now. Plus if this is legit then hopefully we’ll get some updates this year and next. They need to prove it’s real if it is then it’ll go viral worldwide. I’m very optimistic but we’ve had many letdowns over the years so I won’t be holding my breath.

Even if it gets approved in Japan then it could take time to trickle-down to those of us in US/Canada. We might have to travel to Japan to get the treatment.