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Crazy idea



Today I had an idea, but I don’t know if it can be possible. Intercytex works taking a small sample from the back of our heads and then culture the Dermal Papilla extracted from the follicles of this sample to multiply it, and then reinject these DP to our bald scalp to induce the formation/renew of hairs.

But if a surgeon/dermatologist extract the hair of our legs, arms, chest, beard… (not all, only the amount needed), like in a BHT procedure (like Dr. Umar or Dr. Arvind does), then we can collect the Dermal Papilla from these hairs, fully compatible with our bodies, without possibility of cancer and resistant to DHT, and then reinject to our bald scalp, like Intercytex does. I think that if the DP are added to the old hair base, the follicle will looks more like head hair than a leg/arm hair.

Also this can be combined with a HT to gain density, with rejuvenated or new hairs, and the HT to define the hairline and fill the empty spaces.

I don’t know if it’s a crazy idea or not, but from my point of view I think that this should work, and it’s not so complicated to do with the correct surgeon. What do you think guys?


pleasure….I am of the land…and you???


» pleasure….I am of the land…and you???



the problem with body hair usually isn’t the lack of hair on a man’s body, as there are plenty of hairy men

the hair doesn’t want to grow when transplanted very closely together, so you dont get much yield unless you transplant rather thinly, like 30 hairs per square inch or so, at a particular angle. Cole did a study on this with the same man and found that when he transplanted only 30 or so hairs per square inch or centimeter (forget which exactly), the guy not only got the best yield, but more hair growing period

then there is the quality issue…body hair looks like body hair and does not always grow all that much longer when placed on the scalp.
Many men getting it done have found it only grows a bit over 2 times longer, hence why so many docs advise for a ‘test’ patch to be done to see how it works on that man before jumping in and moving a lot of body hair. If your body hair is curly, it grows in very curly also. It retains its color and characteristics.

what you describe could be done though…if you wanted a head of body hair, and not head hair.

By-the-way…body hair is actually thicker on your body than you ever see, but its growth phases on the body aren’t very long (except for beard hair, which has long growth phases), most of it is actually resting at any one time, and if it wasn’t you’d look much more like an ape if you are a hairy man…


sorry, i am not interested in having pubic hair on my head… :wink:


but you are underline a good science point of view, yet the application is questionable (without mentioning the marketing risk).