Country wise discrimination of HT clinics is unfair

Since this topic is doing the rounds on the forum especially targeting Turkish clinics, we think it would be misleading to the patient not to get the complete picture.

Bad HT doctors abound everywhere and that is because of several factors… for a later post.

This below is a patient who got 4 hair transplants in France (Europe) before he visited us.
You can see donor depletion at its extreme.

You do not have to visit a 3rd world country for this. You can get all the damage that you need done from your nearest HT clinic in US, Europe, Asia, Latin America etc.

Dr. A’s Clinic

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Another extreme example was Zayden who had been operated upon by some plastic surgeon in Europe.

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Multiple hair transplants at hand of HT clinics in Latin America with hardly any growth before he visited us for repair.

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Another extreme example:
HISTORY OF PREVIOUS HAIR TRANSPLANT: 2 strips, 2 punch graft sessions and Z plasty procedure performed 14 -15 years ago in some clinic in Poland /East Europe.

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It is very sad to see examples of the cosmetic work produced by incompetent doctors.

Another unfortunate case (an old time poster Hairlove). The patient was himself a doctor and was convinced by a dermatologist to undergo ht. If they can convince a doctor, laymen hardly stand a chance.

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One year update

2 and half years update

5 years update

Yes, the point being that incompetent doctors abound in every country. By tarnishing a country’s doctors’ reputation, there is a risk of readers getting a wrong impression.

Turkey, USA, Germany, France, UK, Australia etc. are all the same.

Pick your clinic/doctor based on his results/capability…not his location.

Good doctors exist…yes, they do. And they do so in most countries.
By trying to downgrade a country to eulogize/market some doctors is unfair.

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“If they can convince a doctor, laymen hardly stand a chance.”
That’s an truth in the hair restoration industry that cannot be denied. The device manufacturers have significantly altered the entire industry, enabling doctors to suddenly offer hair restoration surgical procedures with no training nor experience. To those of use who have been practicing nothing but hair restoration surgery for more than a few years it’s cringeworthy. I’m seeing a whole new type of patient: those who have been to another doctor who has a large practice in breast enhancement but also recently started offering hair restoration surgery, and who created a grossly deficient hairline/area of density/crown swirl/adequate post-operative instructions/adequate surgical consent/etc/etc/etc…the list goes on. I have talked to other established hair restoration surgeons and they are experiencing the same thing. It’s my belief that it’s less safe now for the average consumer to select a provider for hair restoration surgery now than it was 10 years ago, which means the specialty as a whole is going backwards. It’s unfortunate to see but one surgeon cannot do it all, it’s good people like Dr. A, and many others, who are working to help ensure the safety of patients seeking hair restoration surgery services. Unfortunately, although there are very good centers in most all countries, the unscrupulous ones are creating a stereotype that is undeserved.

Another example - an Australian got so called hair restoration procedures.
According to the patient, he underwent numerous (4 to 6) scalp reduction procedure.
Alongwith each scalp reduction, they took out a strip

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@otosurgeon are you a hair transplant surgeon?