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Could revolutionary anti-aging tech maybe result in hair regeneration?


Right now none of us know for sure if highly sophisticated and revolutionary anti-aging tech in clinical trials or the first time will or won’t regenerate hair. Indeed, I think that some of them may while others may not. I think we should start looking at these new revolutionary anti-aging treatments as potential treatments for hair loss. Check out the article linked below about using senescent cell treatment to reverse aging. Senescent cell treatment has not ever been in the marketplace before so we have no idea whether or not it could help us. But some of these new technologies are well into the FDA pipeline right now, even better ones (gene editing for example) are beginning human studies in the FDA pipeline process, and better ones (telomerase therapy for example) may begin human studies in the not-too-distant future.



Very interesting.
But then people will have to live 150 years with being bald.
Cause surely it will do anything but nothing for hair loss.