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Corrective Hair Transplant / Dr Suneet Soni / 3750 FUT Grafts


Ist Session another Clinic
This patient had 1st Hair Restoration Session with another Clinic in 2014, 2500 FUE grafts have been implanted, but the result was not satisfactory due to the unnatural forwarded hairline design with wrongly placed pluggy grafts with very low density, which reflected very unnatural/unaesthetic frontal appearance with a mouth-eaten pitted scars.

Repair Session with Dr Suneet Soni
Repair Hair Transplant Session with Dr Suneet Soni in 2016: 3750 FUT grafts implanted with proper aesthetic hairline design, pluggy grafts as well as the grafts from the unnatural site were extracted and re-implanted in the requisite areas

Dr Suneet performed FUT procedure with 3750 grafts
Grafts Implanted: 3750
Grade of Baldness: NW IV
Surgical Procedure: FUT (Strip Method)
Closure Technique: Trichophytic Closure

Post-operative pictures of 6 months & 11 months


Really nice result. Congratulations and good luck with the growth going forward.



Dr. Suneet Soni is reputed and expert hair transplant surgeon. I see his name on ISHRS and other hair restoration sites. He provides the Best Hair Transplant in India


AngelD are you a spam poster working for the doctor because you have just joined and have hardly any posts except such ones.
If some want to see repair without scars, here is a patient that we did years ago.

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