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Can minoxidil "really" be soluble over the 5% concentration?

Hello everyone my name is Marco, I was about to buy MinoxidilMax but then by reading on the ingredients I see that they only list:

Minoxidil 15.0%
Azelaic acid 5%
ABN complex 0,8%
Retinol 0.025% (0.25 mg/mL)
Caffeine 0.001% (0.01 mg/mL)

The solvent ,they say, is PG (propylene alcohol).

Now, I know that the solubility of minoxidil in PG is maximum 5%. I know because the pharmacy where I get my freshly made galenic minoxidil uses PG as a solvant. One day I’ve asked them to make me a 15% concentration and they told me that the solubility of minoxidil in PG doesn’t go over 5-6%, a fact that I’ve confirmed by asking to the pharmaceutical house that produces their PG ( they use a PG branded “espumil” , made by Fagron pharmaceutical ) .

Knowing so, I have asked to the MinoxidilMax guys what is going on, and here what they’ve said:

"hi Marco,

Even if you use a solvent that is the same as Rogaine (meaning same solvent and same ratio of alcohol, water and PG), you can easily get up to 6%. However, when you add azelaic acid, it greatly enhance its solubility. Of course, we have some other tricks to further enhance the solubility to get 15% minoxidil."

Doesn’t it smells BS to you?? Like “of course we have some tricks”… Aren’t they obliged to list their “tricks” in the ingredients list?? Does azelaic acid really enhance the solubility of minoxidil? Never heard it before…

What does your pharmacist say?

She barely knew what minoxidil was… She’s told me the solubility thing only after she’s talked with her minoxidil supplier in order to understand how to actually prepare the galenic solution

I don’t know the science behind this but it has been done for over a decade now, Dr. Lee, Dr. Klein, HairGrowthMD etc, all offered super strength minoxidil at one point or another. I have never heard about issues with solubility.

That being said, I remember some were formulated using DMI as solvent and not PG.

Yeah I’ve heard that it is indeed possible to get high concentration minoxidil, but other solvant has to be used other than PG, because it simply saturates at around 5-6% that’s why (i believe) sometimes high concentration minox are in form of a cream instead of being liquid. My fear is that I pay a premium price for a higher concentration and that afterall it’s useless compared yo a 5%. A little like what happens with cameras and the marketing campaign promoting billions of pixels when the processor of the camera itself can only process a small part of them

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