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Can diabetes cause hair loss?


People suffering from diabetes can face a range of health issues, hair loss being one of them.Although hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance, underlying medical conditions,hair loss due to elevated sugar levels in people remains very common around the world.

Some people may confuse natural hair loss due to regrowth cycle with a developing hair loss condition. So, it is best that you refrain from self-diagnosis and consult a hair loss expert to properly evaluate your condition.


Hair loss can occur due to many reasons like thyroid, lack of vitamins vital for hair growth, genetic and diabetes is one of those reasons.


Nice post


Diabetes by itself probably won’t cause hair loss but diabetic meds may do more harm than good to our body, including hair loss. I have nothing to back this up, just pure speculation.


how do you know that? Have you seen studies linking diabetes to hair loss?


There is not any exact study explaining the link of diabetes & hair loss, that I can mention here. But most of the people suffering from diabetes are more likely to have alopecia condition. It is also seen that diabetes slower down the growth of hair & cause hair loss.