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Can dermaroller give a false posittive for LPP (Lichen Planus Pillaris)


I recently had a biopsy done of my balding crown. to my dr. and my surprise it came back positive for LPP (Lichen Planus Pillaris). He said he was puzzled because normally people who have LPP have a rash and other stuff. he said I had a few pimples in the are but noting that looked out of the ordinary.
I used the derma roller on my crown for around 6 weeks. do you think that can trigger a false positive since it creates scar tissue?


I thought this medical condition only affects women.


Why did you test for LPP all of a sudden? Are you experiencing other symptoms besides hair loss? There is no reason you would go for a biopsy for LPP if you were simply losing your hair.