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Boomboom returns...hair transplant with Dr. Umar


Hi everyone,
I’ve been away for awhile.
I am presently in California getting a Hair transplant from DR. Umar.
I got my first 1800 grafts today. A combination beard, head and body hair. Today Dr. Umar used mainly beard and some head hair.

Previously I had 225 plugs back in 1980 that were a disaster. It gave me the doll’s head look in front and scars in back.

My goals are to fix:
1)The hair line.
2) To fix the island effect I now have. Only the transplanted hair in the middle of my head remains–hence the island(without coconuts, which is too bad as I like coconuts).
3)The scars on the back of my head and the hair that has receded in the back due to the transplant.

Its been a long day, as others have said Dr. Umar is a machine.I was there 7:30-7:30 and he was there when I left. I will elaborate tomorrow. Dr. Umar took pics, I will try to post them.


Hi BoomBoom, what was the final outcome of the work by Dr, A???