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Bill - Patient Advisor for Dr. Rahal

Hello everybody. Many of you will know my name and likely remember me as the managing publisher of another popular hair restoration community. Having managed a popular discussion forum and an entire web community for over 10 years, I’ve had the ability and opportunity to help thousands of prospective patients find outstanding hair transplant surgeons.

Now, my journey has led me to work with one of the world’s leading hair restoration physicians, Dr. Rahal. I’m very excited to be here and I’m here to help educate and answer any questions anyone might have about hair loss, hair transplant surgery and of course, Dr. Rahal.

Having worked for a prestigious hair transplant patient community for many years, if I was going to remain working in the profession, it was highly important to me to continue working with those with an outstanding reputation and those I truly believe in. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to work for any hair transplant doctor that I wouldn’t trust my own scalp with.

While I never personally received a hair transplant from Dr. Rahal, he was on my very short list of surgeons when considering my last two procedures. Also, after seeing several of his patients in person, I was highly impressed by Dr. Rahal’s hairlines and swore that if I was going to undergo a fifth procedure, I would go to Dr. Rahal simply to refine my hairline and acquire more density.

Thus, I think it’s safe to say that I genuinely believe that Dr. Rahal is one of the best in the industry, which is why I approached him about potentially working with him.

A little bit about me…

I came to the discussion forums in 2004 when I was seeking advice for my own hair loss and quickly found a local doctor who performed my first one. At that time, I hadn’t done too much research and simply trusted a recommendation. Overall, it turned out OK. It was very natural and the strip scar was pencil thin. That said, I had extensive hair loss and was already a Norwood 5A heading towards a potential Norwood 6. For those of you who don’t know, this is essentially almost completely bald on top with some dipping down in the back below the crown near the occipital area.

My research and journey led me to other excellent physicians And thus, 5 years and 4 hair transplants later, my hair has been practically completely restored with very minimal signs of thinning. Without hair transplant surgery, I would be completely bald all over the top of my scalp which means any hair you see on top in the before pictures would be long gone by now.

For those who are interested, I will include a few before and after pictures in a reply so people can see my complete transformation.

Throughout my hair restoration journey and all the way through mid 2019, I spent the majority of my time researching and writing about hair restoration surgery and helping thousands of potential patients find outstanding surgeons.


I now have the privilege of working for one of the world’s most impressive hair restoration surgeons and once again, helping potential patients from start to finish during their hair restoration journey.

I am happy to answer any general questions about hair loss, hair transplant surgery and more specifically, anything about Dr. Rahal, his technique, booking surgery, pre/post operative care, etc.

While I will be involved in many projects, my top priority will be helping patients and potential ones with any questions they have as it relates to Dr. Rahal, his technique, their experience/journey, etc. I will also be here to help educate and respond to general questions and concerns people might have about hair loss and the procedure in general.

I look forward to participating here and getting back to helping hair loss suffering men and women find the best solution for them.

Best wishes,


I can be contacted publicly or privately on this forum or of the email at bill@rahalhairline.com

Yeah, would love to see some before and after pics.


Welcome to the forum, Bill.

Don’t forget to go to PREFERENCE / PROFILE / ABOUT ME where you can include Dr Rahal and your contact info; your info will appear when people click on your user badge.


Thank you for the warm welcome. I will go ahead and do that now. Is there a place I can also add a signature line? If so, I’d be interested in doing that as well. Moreover, if there are any particular rules that I need to adhere to, please feel free to point me in that direction or go over them with me as I want to make sure I am respecting them :slight_smile:

Best wishes,



I should be taking some new photos i’m posting them soon :slight_smile:



Quick question. I did add a signature and clicked the button to enable signatures but I still don’t see my signature below any of my posts. Am I doing something wrong?



@HairSite - I know you’re busy but whenever you get a chance, please see my above question. Thank you :slight_smile:

Below are some photos of my current hair. I’ll find some before pictures and post them as well. My before pictures are from a long time ago, from 2004.

Dr. Rahal in Canada???


Yes sir, the one and only :slight_smile:


ok, was curious if it was the same Dr. Rahal in Canada or a different one. Dr. Rahal still uses ARTAS robotic FUE? There was a lot of buzz about that years ago.

@HMorHT yep, robotic fue, first in Canada


Dr. Rahal has come to the same conclusion about the ARTAS as many others have… Now it just collects dust And acts as an overly expensive coat hanger at his clinic :slight_smile:

Dr. Rahal now uses a number of various devices to perform FUE and ultimately, which device he uses and whether it’s motorized or manual FUE depends on the patient’s physiology.

Best wishes,


I read that rahal has a clinic in nyc. Where exactly is it?

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