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Best hair transplant doctor- advice needed



I can’t stress my points that I made in my initial post enough regarding photos and how they are taken. Reread that and let it sink in. Another thing that you will notice with our photos is that they are detailed enough for you to actually see the individual hairs and their exit point from the scalp. Notice that there is zero scarring and the angles are appropriate. If you see any photo of one of our patients that you wish to see more detail on you can email me and I will send you the original size file that will allow you to zoom in on the details further.

Oh, and the above stands true for video too. Here is one of our patients shot in HD. NO ONE gives you as much detail as what you see in this video.

Dr. Hasson/4200 Grafts/ One Session

Pats, to be fair, if you are going to show results they should be FUE, not strip, as the patient you posted is a strip patient.


» Pats, to be fair, if you are going to show results they should be FUE, not
» strip, as the patient you posted is a strip patient.

Hey Joe. I was simply showing that result as an example of a patient being given a nice hairline, with full coverage on the top and a thinning crown. The example was to show Dr. Armani’s strategy for the patient, nothing to do with yield.



To be fair, Pats205 posted those pictures of a strip procedure on a middle-aged patient in response to James Bond’s statement that Dr. Armani concentrates on “teenage” hairlines. The photos were not meant to show any examples of FUE. If you read the thread again, you will see what I am talking about.


Hi Robohair,

Just wanted to share my experience with you. I have had both strip surgery and FUE at Dr. Alvi Armani. I was very unsure just like yourself and it is great that you are asking all the questions to need to first. I would highly recommend choosing Dr. Armani. I had the same surgeries with another doctor and was not as pleased with the results as I have been with the results from the Armani clinic. I was also left with a 1" wide scar from my surgery with the first doctor, which Dr. Armani has helped reduce for me. I would suggest that you go with a FUE procedure as well rather than a strip. The results were the same but it is much less painful with a much quicker recovery time. The recovery time was a very important factor for me as I exercise everyday, running, weights etc and did not want to be off for such a long time. I think if you decide to do a FUE procedure with Armani you will be very, very happy. They yield fantastic reults in a calming, reassuring and professional atmosphere. Check out my journal if you wish. Anyway, good luck with your surgery!