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I would like your thoughts on the new delivery method follica is preparing compared to the experiments we have already completed. It appears we are not going deep enough Thanks


It would be nice if the problem was as simple as just not going deep enough, but I really don’t think it is.

I’ve gone deeper until starting to hit blood with every experiment I’ve done. That’s already as deep as you can go w/o scarring, regardless of what tool or substance is doing the job. If Folica could actually get around that problem then it would be a bigger advancement than the hair project.


»Sorry, I meant applying the growth factors deep into the skin.


» »Sorry, I meant applying the growth factors deep into the skin.

The two whack hair growth photos in the medical literature of the getfitinib cancer-post-chemotherapy-patients probably didn’t bleed at all. I imagine that they just got a little sunburnt.

In the follica experimental section of the first patent, when they wounded both human and mouse skin, they just did so with a felt-tipped wheeled instrument. They stated the skin was “smooth and shiny” and that there was no blood.

Arthur Kligman noted in the literature (Cotsarialis interview that was on her months ago) that he seen some de noveau hair follicle formation in acne dermabrasion patients in the seventies (which has me thinking hard about hydrocortisone creams as a possible “enough” immunosuppressant, but thats another story).

I dont think that instrument the are cooking up is going to make you bleed (much anyway). What is probably -pertinent- is the the immune system is impeded from responding to the wound, and the attendant inflammation (what the immune system does to make sure an infection doesn’t happen and any invaders get killed) does not happen. That instrument might put the rampycin, tacromilus, cyclo or whatever they end up using, deeper in the dermis that what it would have otherwise been. We pretty much know they are going to be using erlonitib (probably misspelled that) or getfitnib as the egf-inhibitor and there will be some other stuff in the mix, but man I’d about bet the farm the immunosuppressant and the egf-antagonist are the two main compounds that are going to be used.

“Nailing” this at home will probably be pretty hard though. These people are friggin’ dermatological-experts and we are not (LOL). Ive thought about giving it one more try with a mix of hydrocortisone cream and some crushed up getfitinib pills (I only have a few left), but I’d probably get nada.

I think they are going to have “something”. Ive not read through the new patent yet, but one might pay attention to the time periods involved. If I did do it at home with a topical corticosteroid cream or topical immunosuppresant cream and egf-antagonist, I’d probably put the cream-mix on for several hours…wound…put it on again…and keep putting it on twice a day for a couple of weeks in the wounded area. I wouldn’t want to wait for x-amount of days or any of that jazz, I’d want to err on the safe side if I bothered with it.

If you try it, good luck and hope its fruitful. If not, its interesting stuff to read about. I think they are going to have a reasonable amount of hair growing with this (I mean hell, if a guy can get some hair growing in the middle of bald scalp who had cancer, surely younger guys can, right?). Aderans, Histogen, and Follica are three seperate companies trying to make “more” hair on someone than they were born with. I’d be genuinely surprised if they ALL failed.

Have a great week.