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Belgium New World Champions Soccer?


We all know most world class hair restoration is to be found in Belgium and the USA.
However football (soccer) is in our blood, just like baseball is an American dominated game.
I truly believe that the US played a very good game against Belgium, but at the end our team had the strongest individual talents.
I made some bets and yes I will shave my head down to zero if Belgium takes the world cup.
So yesterday I already visited my hair dresser to shorten … just in case…

On the left the long hair and then the lady cut it down to 2 cm. I said to her to make it 1 cm (3rd from the left). Just for all that don’t know my before situation I put my picture before my 3 transplants (6000 grafts) on the right.


Not so fast buddy, your neighbors to the north and east are still alive and well :slight_smile: