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Before and After 8 months for Recipient and donor – 3369 FUE Grafts – HDC Medical


This patient is a NW class 3 patient from Spain with a potential of going to class 4 in the future.

He did not want to start with Minoxidil or finasteride and to cover his baldness with transplanted hair.

He posted his Experience with HDC Hair Clinic from day one of his surgery, in the Spanish Forum. You can see all the evolution and many details of this case from the patient point of view, on this link:


This is an FUE Hair transplant Result of 3369 Grafts.

WE believe that a convincing Hair transplant result should only be allowed to be presented with pictures of the post op of the recipient and the donor. This is the way we present all our results.

We also believe that the Donor is a main part of the result because if you have a good coverage on your balding areas but a destroyed donor then you have a bad overall Hair Transplant result.

In HDC we use only manual punch and only Experience physicians, which adds to the preservation of a good donor. In addition, we believe that the post operation care can heal the donor better.

See here some tips on Post operation care : https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/blog/item/fue-hair-transplant-post-operation-care-important-or-not

We are currently working on an article on how a Hair transplant Result should be evaluated and we will post it here when is ready.


Immediately after

8 Months after


I want to add a photo to show that we use all the donor area

And as we promised on this thread we have published our latest article on Result Evaluation and you can see it on this link: