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Bedford hair carer studio (UK)


Hi all.

Newbie here looking for info.

After years of putting it off, am going the transplant route. Have had a few discussions with clinics and found one near me that offers good prices and talks a good talk.

Online (apart from fb) I’m struggling to find any info good or bad!

They don’t charge per graft but simply on a scaled gradient small/medium/large (4/5/6k) for FUE. When asked about doctors/surgeons they state that they rotate and contract experienced surgeons as it keeps them on their toes as they have to fight for paid time at the clinic. I was also assured that every hair transplant is done by a qualified surgeon and a technician to help.

Anyone heard anything about them?



That’s ridiculous, how do you know how many grafts you are getting if all they are telling you is that you will be getting a small/medium/large procedure???


Allegedly, they do the maximum available up to 5k grafts. In my case 3.5k.

As it happens, I’ve decided against and can’t recommend them. Chap lacked a bit of professional integrity which was further condemning as it was the complete opposite of his sales pitch.

The pitch was, that he started up due to not liking the money grabbing ways of the company he used to work for so he quit as he was a man of integrity who just wanted to help those like him he suffered the confidence issues associated with hair loss…

After I saw the clinic and looked into the surgeon I managed to get the price of 4k (lower bracket) if I commited, so I did commit and I agreed to the procedure on April 3rd and asked to do the paperwork there and then. He said 'There’s no rush, I’ll pop over and collect the paperwork tomorrow - but don’t worry - your date is secure."

Two hours later, after I got home I got a call saying. “Sorry someone just rang and booked your date and paid 5k up front”

Not the way I do things. If someone breaks their word to you at the first opportunity they get, I tend to lose trust in all the other yarns they spin.

So I’m going elsewhere!


What is the going rate for FUE in the UK? 3500 grafts for 4K works out to approx $1 per FUE graft which is too good to be true, that s like a UK procedure at Indian prices.


The clinic is in the UK, it will be 4,000 british pounds, not US$4000


I’m confused. Why all the mystery about this clinic? Why dont you just post who they are then we can input. Otherwise your question will fall on moot ears.


Mystery???! Now I’m confused.

Can you not see the name of the clinic in the title? Bedford Hair care studio. A simple google and you will find them.


I missed that.