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Banged my head


Its been about one month and a half after my ht, i banged the recipiant area agianst the edge of something. it bleed a little, a little sweeeling too-now i dont know if this was from breaking the skin maybe or if this blood was comming from the follicles i crushed. i doubt the impact alone would be of caused a bald spot but, since its so close to the surgery im really unsure how much damage may have been caused, anyone?


Don’t worry Birdman, at 6 weeks out those grafts are perfectly secure. You will be just fine. :slight_smile:


Perhaps this will give you peace of mind.

Study: Graft Anchoring in Hair Transplantation


BACKGROUND Since it is not known precisely how long it will take for grafts to be securely anchored after a hair transplant, the advice that the medical profession has offered patients regarding postoperative care has been somewhat arbitrary.

OBJECTIVE This study attempts to provide scientific data that can be useful in refining postoperative hair transplant protocols.

METHODS Forty-two patients participated in the study. During their postoperative period, each had several grafts pulled to determine at what point they could no longer be manually dislodged.

RESULTS For the first 2 days, pulling on a hair always resulted in a lost graft. By the 6th day, pulling on a hair no longer dislodged the graft. Pulling on an adherent scab always resulted in a lost graft through day five. At 9 days postoperatively, grafts were no longer at risk of being dislodged.

CONCLUSION The presence of crusting extends the interval that grafts are at risk of being dislodged postoperatively. If one can prevent crust formation following a hair transplant, this would both shorten the time patients are at risk of losing their grafts and enable them to return to their normal hair care routines more quickly.