Bad experience with dr umar in la - 4 persons from paris. bht fue

Hello Everyone
I’m a new register in this website and I post this cast to talk about my last surgery with Dr Umar in Los Angeles in March 2010.
If I decided to talk today, it’s to explain to everybody in US and in the world our experience , what I learn in Los Angeles in his clinic. The good and the bad things. Sorry in advance for my mistakes in English.
My Name is Karim I come from Paris in France I’m 30 years old, Norwood 6 and we decided last year to come to Usa to start surgery with Dr Umar . We go to start surgery, we was 4 persons
Karim (Me) Norwood 6 (Fue and Bht Beard and legs)
Didier Norwood 3/4 (Fue and Bht)
Samy Norwood 5 ( Fue and Bht Beard)
Yous Norwood 5 (Fue and Bht Beard)

We decided to choose Dr Umar because we thinking we are good candidate to BHT FUE combo surgery (and Dr Umar confirm this point with us before we come) and we see good results in videos about combo BHT FUE.
I talk a lot of times with Dr Umar before this surgery by email or by phone and Dr Umar give us a discount price because we are 4 persons and some others persons in Paris were interested and will continue with him After. So he give us discount price and we must talk and post in French website to increase his business in Europe.
We stay in LA two weeks and we are surprised about people. Very nice people, the town is beautiful, California is very fun. The personal of the clinic is very nice and all persons we meet was very clean with us.
Before starting big surgery we decided to do BHT test just to see if the result is ok, so we do all (Me, Sofiane, Didier, and Youcef) between 500 and 600 BHT-FUE test in March 2010 and we block dates to come in November 2010 to start (3000-5000 grafts per person)
The surgery test was ok, I feel nothing, lol I sleep all the time, nice, clean, Dr Umar take 250 fue 120 from the beard and 120 from my right leg, so for me 500 grafts.
Here I post my picture after 3 months and 6 months.

Few weeks ago I have 2 surprises, The results feels good in the top of my head but I was having un big hole in my beard and so many little scars in my leg, I was afraid
At first I call Samy et he was having the same problem , big hole in the beard.
Then, I call directly Dr Umar to have explication because Sofiane have the same problem Dr Umar say we must wait, it was normal, with some time all the scars will erase.

But 1 months 3 months ago, nothing, all my friend asking me, what is this hole in your beard ? I was shame to wear a short because all people can see my leg and it was horrible
So I call again Mr. Umar to repair his work but I was surprised about his answer
I can do nothing for you and for your friend , in Surgery there is some risk, I m a professional, and you offend my work.
I was starting with him and for me, he must repair and finish his works so I send him I lot of email, he must repair
I send him also a video just to say ok the result in my head is ok we want to continue, we waiting the dates.
He says I don’t want to continue with us if you come I don’t give you a discount price my price now is 7 dollars per graft and I m so busy (We pay all 4 dollars per grafts)
At first Dr Umar was very nice with us and with time we learn who is he, After this test a lot of persons in France or in Europe call him because we give good feedback. When I see my scars I was afraid but I trusted in past, so I never talk about that.
Sorry Again for my mistakes in English but now, we are 4 persons very disappoint about surgery and very surprised about the bad work of Dr Umar, he don’t want to finish his work and he increase his price, Dr Umar thinking we never talk about that in Us because we come from France.
If You have some questions I will happy to answer you All patients, Me Samy Didier and Yous can confirm our experience

Since no one wishes to respond, I will.

The scars on your leg will be there forever, they will never disappear. Your only solution would be to go and have the dots tattooed the color of your skin to make them less noticeable.

What you have there is called hypo pigmentation. Without getting into the medical explanation, you have lost the pigment in those areas due to the BHT surgery. The reason it happened is because Dr Umar used a punch that was obviously far too large and it caused this condition. This is also the reason for the large patch in your beard, too large a punch.

In some other clinics they use smaller punches which do not cause hypo pigmentation and also do not run the risk of damaging adjacent follicles. If the skin on your face is not also hypo pigmented, you could have the patch in your beard repaired by getting another beard transplant with a smaller punch tool and planting them back into the thin area and extracting from a thicker area of your beard, perhaps from beneath your chin.

You did not post any pictures of the front of your hairline before surgery so I cannot tell how much hair you had or didnt have before the Umar surgery.

I can tell you for certain that you have growing hair in the areas where he planted post surgery so if you were bald there I would consider the results a great success but, I am skeptical because I have yet to ever see a successful BHT transplant. Even in this case what we could be seeing in Beard Hair but, without knowing what it looked like before it could just be exactly what you had prior with no growth.

Hope this helped, its my first post and I feel your pain.

WOW for 2011 those are pretty bad shotgun holes you guys got. Even on this not so good pictures you can clearly see those holes.

And yes those holes will stay forever because as the pre-poster said, he used a tool way too big in diameter to stance out your hairs.

My bet is, that Dr Umar used the same tool on everyone which is not professional at all.

Thanks you Ed for your help and your answer, yes i have big pach in my beard and they take only 120 grafts !
I m disapoint if you’re righ i keep all my life all this scars in my legs
I have two questions
There is a solution to repair my beard and my leg ?
There is a doc with good results in BHT because the results feels good, to answer at your question i’m norwood 6, I can post another picture, before surgery i was having nothing in top of hear
Thank you for your help