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Back Hair for Hair Transplant


Long time lurker, first time poster.

I’m guessing at some point this must have been covered, but I figured my situation might be slightly different.

In any case, I’m 33 and current a Norwood 5/6 - tough to tell since I’ve been a head shaver for the last 4 or 5 yrs.

In any case, like many of my DHT laden brothers I was blessed with both severe hairloss and plenty of fun and furry back and shoulder hair.

On one side of my back in particular the hair very thick. Much like nape hair.
If I shave my back hair in the morning, at least on my right side, it’s five o’clock shadowing by the evening. Not good times to say the least.

In any case, I figured this curse may be a blessing in that its thick enough to work as head hair. Their is also plenty of thinner hair that may work for some hairline action.

So my question to the guys on the board is how well does back hair work for FUE. Again, I have about a full beards worth or beard like hair on my right back and shoulder. How bad would scaring be? What would a head of say 4 or 5k in back hair graphs look like?

Thanks dudes.


Good question.i have the same problem too


» Good question.i have the same problem too

Nice to know I’m not alone
I assume you’ve never asked a doc?


Hi dear according to me your problem is not rare at all. Its not like that you are the only one suffering from this problem. Within few days you will definitely see a gang joining your discussion, regarding solution I can only say that if you have so much trouble why not to consult doctor. I have seen people recovering from it.


Hi all
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