Arimidix plus propecia what\'s effect?

Dear sir,
hello all hoping u r fine,i have two problems the first is that my hair is
taking baldness direction and my father was n’t like till 32 of age i am now
18…so i satarted to take finasteride 1 mg daily, also the second prob i
have kinda estradiol high level 34 pg,so i’m worried about gyno and i
take armidix for 3 times weekly 0.5 mg,will this prevent gyno and will
gyno appears suddenly or there is some signs for it before it happen to take
also will arimidix cause hair loss and prevent action of finasteride?inspite
all of this i feel that my body needs energy and some fat recomposition,is
what i did are the right steps ?will it benefit my body energy and hair or
it’s hard?

thx waiting for ur reply
Ahmed ,egypt