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Apple Cider vinear Hate to Praise this too much but its great


I hate to think that The Natural actually likes this, but I have been on Apple Cider vinegar for the last year, for various ailments, and it is absolutely unequaled in its treatment of so many things, you would be amazed.

If you are getting a chest infection sinus infection, etc, you can put a few spoons of it in a glass of water, drink it , and not only is it better than antibiotics, it works sometimes within hours, and your clogged infected sinuses start draining. Amazing stuff

If you have any kind of a fungus, or bacteria, in your body, Apple cider vinegar will treat it way more quickly than any over the counter or perscription treatment, and do a much better job at ths same time.

Now as for hair loss, not sure, I dont use it for that, but , If nizoral cream works because of its anti fungal treatment of the scalp, and anti inflammatory treatment, it is possible that the Apple Cider vinegar has a similar effect when applied to the scalp, it would be interesting to test it out. Not sure how the Natural uses it , if he drinks it or applies it topically or what.

You would be amazed at how many things can be treated with apple cider vinegar.

any condition you have that requires anti fungal or antibiotics, heck it even works on heat rash,

a relative here had an ingrown toe, we soaked it in apple cider vinegar, pain went away about 90 percent, but then of course had to go have to toe fixed at the doc