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Anyone still using Indo/Chromo or Ramatroban?


Anyone still using Indo/Chromo and where are you getting it, since Iron Dragon has stopped carrying the combo. I’m more interested in Chromoglycate since I had good success with it stopping the shed.


I had good success also, I am just about out of indomethacin/chromoglycate and need to find new supplier. When I claimed this stopped my shedding everyone called me a liar, glad you have success too


Hey Alec, I remember you said it stopped your hair loss, but no regrowth. Are you seeing any regrowth these days?


I’m still using ramatroban (along with minox and nizoral). It hasn’t worked miracles but I do think it’s at least slowed things down. I’m still on the fence about whether I may have some slight regrowth on my right temple as a result. Overall I’m happy with it. My uncles were very bald when they were my age and I’ve managed to at least change the overall time course of my hairloss with consistent use of a few products over the past 13 years. Can’t do propecia because of side effects


Its wierd because most people thought that the Idomethacin was the main culprit in ceasing the hair loss. But it always irritated my scalp so I started to only use a couple sprays of Chromoglycate mixed into minoxidil. This gave me great results, no more itching and only shed a few hairs in the shower. But a few weeks after running out of Chromo, my scalp started to itch intensesly and I was shedding alot more. So I started to use cetirizine and that has cut down on the itch but I feel that chromo did a better job on reducing shed.


Boddha how do you like Ramatroban? Did you get an initial shed when you started on Rama? And has it reduced the shedding and itching since? Im reluctant to jump on Rama because of very few reviews and I’d prefer to not order from ID no more because they can drop Rama at anytime like they did with Indo/Chromo.


Is this a topical product? Will this work for women hair loss?


Topical and I don’t see why not for women, since sodium chromoglycate is the main ingrediant sold over the counter as nasalcrom and opticrom for the relief of allergies.


alecbaldone please post here if you have found a new supplier, I am ready to give this a try now.

PS: I never called you a liar :slight_smile:


I like it well enough. I wish I could tell you more about shedding but my head was shaved at “0” setting for many months (years actually). I wouldn’t have noticed the tiny little hairs in the shower. I’ve been dealing with this for so long now that I pay less attention as well. I just use the products, keep my head shaved close, and hope that I’m keeping my scalp and hair optimized for better future treatments. I swear by daily nizoral and twice daily rogaine foam as well. part of me wants to try adding something systemic/oral like saw palmetto or beta sitosterol but that was done to death like 10 years ago on this forum and didn’t really do much for anyone. at one point many years ago propecia worked wonders for me but that drug turned me into a tearful swollen-boobed nightmare sooo I try to avoid it. all I can say is I was a NW 2.5 at 22 years old. I’m 35 now and I’m a NW 2.5-3 with no vertex issues. my gramps and uncles did not fair so well. maybe the natural history of my mpb is different than theirs, or maybe it’s the interventions. I’m not rocking the boat at this point. hoping for Setipiprant or however it’s spelled to bridge me to better things, but I can see the direction of recession and how it’s pointing up towards the center of my head. sucks but I’m doing all I can at this point, and my hair is hanging in there for now. I will of course check in hearts report more if anything changes