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Any thoughts on Pilofocus?


@jarjarbinx I feel like I am talking to my girlfriend, I know for a fact I am right but I have to apologize anyway just so that I can get her to shut up.


I feel like I’m trying to explain grammar to a 3-year old.

As you used it, the word “can” indicates that donor regeneration is already established with Pilofocus. I do not know if PIlofocus “can” produce quality donor regeneration and I never said it CAN. I said it might. Please stop misquoting me.

You need to go back to school. And you should start with 1st grade.

Let me be perfectly clear, I do not know if Pilofocus “can” regenerate donor hair. I’m optimistic that it might be able to but I’m not sure yet.


Scissorboy had Gho’s 2nd generation stem cell transplant done.

Gho’s 1st generation protocol was done by intentionally transecting the donor follicle horizontally. It was a “hit-or-miss” game; there was no easy way to know with reasonable assurance that the point of transection would retain stem cells required for donor regeneration.