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Any new Umar patients


Just wondering if there are any new Umar patients with results to report. I have been looking at going FUE and was thinking of going with Umar, but I have not seen any talk about him of late.

Any news of him?

The last video result of his paitent from a few months ago looked excellent, however I have not seen any new cases lately.

Any opinions?


well i am scheduled to go back to him soon, for more repair, but my updated results wont be up for awhile, ive been to many docs, but ive gotten the best bang for the buck from umar, i think it says alot that im going back to him, as im a longterm repair patient and ive been perusing these sites for 8 yrs trying to fix my head


Try this, all Dr. Umar’s patient archives updated through Oct 18th, 2008