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Antibiotics for hair loss?


Has anyone ever seen any improvements with their hair after taking a course of antibiotics?

Over the past 5 years I’ve taken 2 courses of AB’s and noticed both times that my scalp stopped itching and within a couple months I noticed a lot of thickening: thin areas filling in.

I found this study:

I tried an otc antibiotic ointment with polymycin, bacitracin and neomycin but it did nothing plus it’s really greasy.

I’m wondering if a prescription topical would be more effective.


I don’t think so.If it is possible then it’s better to complete the dose till result.You must consult a specialist.



If your hair loss is caused by an infection, then perhaps antibiotics would slow or stop your hair loss. In fact, it may reverse since a infection was causing the hair loss. But the fact is, most cases of hair loss are not because of infections but genetics and other conditions that antibiotics aren’t able to affect.